Sunday, July 25, 2010

Frankie Rose And The Outs - Candy

Frankie Rose was the drummer in Vivian Girls and wrote their best song 'Where Do You Run To?'. She left for Crystal Stilts and added her skills prominently to their sound, the drums on these Crystal Stilts songs sound dark and subdued and show a deep interest in sound. Then she went to work with the Dum Dum Girls and gave that band a firm backbone with static, hard pounding drums. Now she's totally focused on her own band Frankie And The Outs. They released the single 'Thee Only One' last year on Slumberland and in september that label will release the self-titled debut album.
It's a great record with a lot of reverb, harmonies and 60's girl group influences. I think the best track is 'Candy', it really sticks in your head immediately. Download 'Little Brown Haired Girls' here, and listen to 'Candy' below.

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