Friday, November 12, 2010

Forest Swords - Fjree Feather EP

No Pain In Pop released 'Rattling Cage' by Forest Swords, one of the best singles this year. Now they offer a great package deal for only £13, including the Dagger Paths EP with the sold out 'Rattling Cage' single on one CD, 320kbps mp3's download of all tracks, a CDR with the deleted Fjree Feather EP, a mixtape with FS reworks of These New Puritans, Wild Beasts, Becoming Real and others, PLUS a Forest Swords t-Shirt. Go to No Pain In Pop.
Samples of the EP and single are here. Below two tracks from the Fjree Feather EP.

Forest Swords - Down Steps by youandmeintheecho
Forest Swords - Red Rocks Fogg by youandmeintheecho

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