Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hatcham Social - Like An Animal

The new Hatcham Social album is called About Girls, it's out later this year. The second single 'Like An Animal' comes early September. Album tracklist after the stream.

Photo by Nikos Doulos.

Like An Animal by hatchamsocial

1. 'Dance With Me'
2. 'NY Girl'
3. 'All Summer Long'
4. 'Like An Animal'
5. 'Would You'
6. 'Escape From London'
7. 'Shut Your Mouth'
8. 'Invention Of Air'
9. 'Lois Lane'
10. 'Nicola Tells Me'
11. 'Little Savage'
12. 'Somebody Else's You'
13. 'Stick Together'

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K. said...

Thank you for your article. I'm a huge fan of Hatcham Social and can't wait for a copy of the single and especially of the album.