Monday, January 11, 2010

The Amps - Tipp City EP

After Last Splash Kim Deal started a 'new' band, The Amps. They recorded their only LP with a walkman and Steve Albini. The label pressed lots of copies because they thought it was going to be as big as Last Splash. Sadly it didn't. Now second hand shops always have a copy of Pacer and if you come across one, buy it. It's a supercool record.
'Breaking The Split Screen Barrier' has an ultra cool intro, 'Bragging Party' is one of Kim's finest songs and Divine Hammer b-side 'Hoverin' gets a make-over.
The Tipp City EP has two nice b-sides. 'Just Like A Briar' is a short punky song and there's a 'basement' demo that Kim recorded herself.
Get the EP from Moody Places here.

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