Monday, December 13, 2010

Moon Wiring Club - A Spare Tabby At The Cat's Wedding

Moon Wiring Club's music is spooky, related to the Ghost Box label that recently put out a series of 'study' split singles, with Broadcast And The Focus Group being the most famous entry. The music is close to Boards Of Canada with sampled breakbeats but they add samples from occult children's television and old films. The result is excellent, it really drew me in. And it's also very weird. Something unexpected can happen at any time. They released this album on CD and vinyl, both formats have almost the same tracklist but the music is different on each format.
They also have a cool website with a lot of artwork and intriguing background information about the band and it's members, take a look here. You can order both formats from Moon Wiring Club in a bundle with no postage charges here.
Below two tracks off the CD format, 'Slumberwick Dreams' and 'The Queen Speaks'.

slumberwick dreams -moon wiring club by Christos M.

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