Friday, December 24, 2010

Throwing Muses - Film

Throwing Muses are currently in the studio recording a new record. It's completely funded by fans, there's no record company involved. Kristin Hersh released a new demo every month of 2010. With subscriptions through her CASH Music website, the band came alive after a 7 year hiatus
I've been a subcriber now for 2 years. It's the best bill I have to pay, I actually know the money is going somewhere good, somewhere where my heart is. It's very cool to be involved and see such a talented singer-songwriter go her own path.
Below the stream of the last demo in this series, 'Film'. For the mp3, an essay about the song and more information on how you can support Throwing Muses go to
Throwing Muses are also releasing free sessions every season with songs from older records getting a 2010 approach. The 'Winter' 6 track session is here. It includes 'Colder' from House Tornado, the great 'Hook In Her Head' and a sharp version of 'Soap & Water' (also streaming below).

Throwing Muses - Film (Demo) by youandmeintheecho
Throwing Muses - Soap & Water (Season Session) by youandmeintheecho

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