Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Puro Instinct and The Russian Aesthetic

Puro Instinct are releasing their debut LP Headbangers In Ecstasy at the end of next month. The first single 'Stilyagi' is already out. I'm curious to hear how they sound this time, their first two EP's were really out of the ordinary, no one sounds like Puro Instinct. On facebook and on their blog they post youtube video's of Russian new wave acts from the 80's. I made a selection of them, they're below after the tracklist and the 'Stilyagi' stream. Go to Altered Zones for an interview with Puro Instinct about their Russian influence and their thoughts on U.S. corruption vs. Russian corruption.

Headbangers In Ecstasy Tracklist:

1. Kdod 1
2. Everybody's Sick
3. Lost At Sea
4. Kdod 2
5. Silky Eyes
6. Slivers Of You
7. Kdod 3
8. Stilyagi
9. Escape Forever
10. Kdod 4
11. No Mames
12. Vapor Girls
13. Kdod 5
14. California Shakedown
15. Luv Goon

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