Saturday, February 12, 2011

Broadcast And The Focus Group - Tuesday's Offering

I'm listening a lot to Broadcast lately, I assume a lot of fans of the band are at the moment. In particular the b-sides compilation The Future Crayon with it's lovely artwork gets a lot of spins here. There are a lot of beautiful Broadcast radio sessions floating around the internet now. The Peel Session from 2003 with 'Pendulum' and 'Minim', the Black Session from 2000, the Radio 1 Session from 1997 and this 'One Session' from 2005 with an agressive version of 'America's Boy' are some highlights.
The band released it's last single with The Focus Group last autumn on Ghost Box as part of the label's Study Series. That 7" is still available from the Ghost Box shop. Three great songs going a bit further than the record they released together in 2009. 'Tuesday's Offering' with the haunted, distant vocal and minimal sound is the most stunning track.

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