Wednesday, February 9, 2011

PJ Harvey - Let England Shake (Video)

PJ Harvey's new album leaked and is also streaming here. I like it better after a few spins, 'The Glorious Land' and 'Bitter Branches' are great songs and I'm currently hooked on 'England', I read this review about the record that said .. the song 'England' begins and ends with some kind of ethnic throat singing and such excruciating shrieking we thought the foxes were shagging on the bins again. If someone sat next to us and did that in our ears we'd get off the bus and walk home. Listen to 'England' here:

I think it's overall a good record with some weak moments, the last song is a duet with a guy I don't recognise. It sounds really M.O.R.
Below the video for the title track.

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