Saturday, March 26, 2011

Throwing Muses - Carnival Wig

'Carnival Wig' is one of the best TM songs ever, it's from Red Heaven. It's one of those Kristin Hersh songs that kick in hard every time I hear it. The guitar sounds lonely and then all of a sudden there's this scream that goes right to my nerves.Throwing Muses are mixing their new record at the moment. It has 35 songs so it's making up for all the years without Throwing Muses record.
The band has just released the third chapter of their Season Sessions. The sessions accompany Kristin Hersh's novel Paradoxical Undressing and are released on the first day of every new season. The spring session has 'Carnival Wig'. Download Fall, Winter and Spring here.
I couldn't upload the track on soundcloud because of some copyright thing, so here's a video of the band playing 'Carnival Wig' in 2000:

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