Saturday, September 4, 2010

Throwing Muses - Cherry Candy / Dripping Trees

This new Throwing Muses demo was released today. Below also a compilation of the demo's so far. Most of these songs were written after the Limbo album from 1996. There are about 40 songs now for the new record. Along with the release there will also be a Throwing Muses anthology with songs from 1986 to 1996. I tried to make my own compilation but it didn't fit on a cd, so I'm happy someone else is busy with that.
Kristin Hersh's memoir Rat Girl / Paradoxical Undressing about the band's early days is also out now. On the Barnes & Noble website you can find a video of a great interview about the book with some live songs, go here. If you buy the book or if you get a Strange Angels subscription, you get excess to the Throwing Muses Season's Sessions. The band records 8 songs every season that you can download for free. The 32 songs will also be released on CD after the project.

Cherry Candy / Dripping Trees MP3

Throwing Muses - Cherry Candy / Dripping Trees by youandmeintheecho

Throwing Muses 2010 demo's by youandmeintheecho

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