Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weekend - Sports


I'm looking forward to Weekend's debut LP Sports, the singles All-American/ Youth Haunts and End Times are great. The record is out November 9th. Pitchfork premiered the track 'Coma Summer' yesterday, the mp3 is below. Also check out their Daytrotter session here.


1. Coma Summer (mp3)

2. Youth Haunts (mp3)
3. Monday Morning
4. Monongah, WV
5. Landscape
6. Age Class
7. Veil
8. End Times (mp3)
9. Afterimage
10. Untitled

Weekend - Coma Summer by youandmeintheecho

Weekend - Youth Haunts by youandmeintheecho
Weekend - End Times by youandmeintheecho
Weekend - All-American (Demo) by youandmeintheecho

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